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Seizures and Autism: Things to know

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NOTE: Please use independent judgment and request references when considering any resource associated with diagnosis or treatment of autism or its associated medical conditions. The following information is solely for educational purposes, not medical advice. It is not a substitute for care by trained medical providers.


Seizures can be very common in children with autism spectrum disorder. (Some experts estimate that 1/3 children with autism also have seizure disorders.) These are not the typical type of seizures we think about in the movies. Stay informed so you can watch for any warning signs in your child. Over time, seizures can damage memory and learning, but medication can prevent or decrease seizures in some children. Talk with your doctor about seizures if you see warning signs. Here are some resources to begin learning about seizures in autism:


Seizures in Autism Spectrum Disorder article


Source: http://www.tacanow.org/family-resources/seizures/


TED Talk about Autism and Seizures 



Silently Seizing, a book by Caren Haines


This book has earned praise because it's written by a woman who is both a nurse and a mom to a son with autism. This book explains her journey with many doctors to eventually diagnose her son with a seizure disorder. (I have not read this book yet, but found the summary interesting. Please let me know if you read it!)


Resources from Autism Speaks



Some videos 


If you happen to find more resources on this topic, please share! 


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