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Technology in Preschool

Page history last edited by Jess Ledbetter 5 years, 7 months ago

Welcome! I just started building this page, so the resources are limited. Let me know if you have ideas to add! 

I'm always open to trying new ideas in our classroom, so let me know if you see something that you think would work well for your child--and I will do my best to get access to the resource!


About ipads

In case you're wondering, here's my official opinion about ipads and other tablet technology :) I believe that all devices serve a purpose and open up the world to amazing possibilities for our kids. When we teach our children how to utilize technology for learning and productivity, it increases their opportunities for success and may even decrease barriers related to challenges they face. However, ipads are not babysitters and I caution anyone who allows their child to watch YouTube videos or play non-thinking games that allow kids to "check out" of their brain for awhile. Kids benefit from interacting with people around them, and devices can limit those interactions if the child chooses to play on devices instead of being with people. Additionally, some games are designed to stimulate pleasure centers of their brain the way that slot machines are designed to keep people at the casino. I don't personally think that this is healthy for kids because it might teach them to seek simple pleasures that reward the same centers of their brain. I think it's better for children to develop close relationships with the people around them and realize that connection with others gives them pleasure. I believe that devices should be used with parent supervision and interaction to get the most benefits and help children learn that technology is for learning and productivity (and not just entertainment). When adults enjoy technology with their kids, they can add conversation and interactions that promote additional learning and connections. This also reduces the chance of children doing/watching inappropriate things. So, whenever possible, enjoy technology together instead of using it to entertain children when you're busy. I'm not saying that this is easy--but that's my challenge! :)


Tech for Tikes

This tool was created by John Hopkins Center for Technology in Education to help parents and teachers quickly identify a variety of apps designed to stimulate learning during the preschool years. http://pfs.cte.jhu.edu/pf/pfs/tech-for-tikes


25 Recommended Apps for Preschoolers

This is an article from University of Maryland with some great suggestions. https://marylandlearninglinks.org/resource/apps-for-preschoolers/



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