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Behavior management

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This is a page that may frequently update with new resources as I find them in the community. Check back here occasionally!


Printable Resources:


Teaching Your Child to Identify

and Express Emotions


Teaching Your Child to

Cooperate with Requests


Making the Most Out of Playtime  



Teaching Your Child Routines to Improve Independence



Communicating About Feelings


Supporting Your Child's Communication



Responding to Your Child's Bite




Challenging Behaviors Tool Kit-Autism Speaks.pdf (This is excellent!)


The articles above came from these websites. Find more here: 




Info to Read About...



Behavior Disorders--How to identify a problem and ideas to respond



Top 10 List for Managing Your Child's Behavior


Best Strategies for Calming Tantrums & Meltdowns https://harkla.co/blogs/special-needs/autism-tantrums-meltdown-strategies
Child is Avoiding School with Tantrum Behavior

Child is Avoiding School with Tantrum Behavior

Improve Behavior with Pre-Task Rehearsal



Top 10 Tips for Managing and Understanding Your Autistic Child's Behavior



A Guide to Understanding and Improving Behavior in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder



Understanding Behavior in Autism with Tips and Resources
How to Chart Behavior to Understand Cause/Effect with an "ABC chart" http://www.iidc.indiana.edu/?pageId=444
Analyzing Behavior At Home Functional analysis questionnaire.pdf
Reward Ideas for Good Behavior


101 Ways to Praise a Child


Giving Positive Feedback (sentence starters) SE-Giving Positive Feedback.pdf
Book list for stories about feelings SE booklist.pdf
Book list to build character


Ideas to practice social skills at home



My tips for writing social stories  Click here to go to my Social Stories page
How to guide--using visual supports to improve behavior How to Guide--visual supports.pdf
Tips--Going Out to Eat http://www.autismspeaks.org/family-services/going-out-to-eat


Visuals to help:


Download printable version of these resources: Pictures to Discuss Emotions.doc


Resources available for purchase:

NOTE: There are many free resources available in the community, so I typically shy away from materials that cost money. I am not suggesting that families purchase any of the items below--but these are some things that I have come across over the years that you might want to consider some day.


Model Me Kids--Videos and apps for modeling social skills



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