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Fun academic websites

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Instagrok  This is an interactive search engine that provides search results like a mind map. You can change the difficulty level. Additionally, you can find other topics that are related to your topic by clicking on the surrounding nodes that pop up.  http://www.instagrok.com/
Google Images Google image searches provide your child interesting information that can enhance their building, drawing, and artwork. When your child is interested in a topic, help him/her research some Google images to learn more about the topic.  http://google.com 
Kids Click  This is a child-friendly search engine. Results are supported by college students in library science at Kent State University. You can use this website to safely research topics that interest your child without inappropriate content. http://kidsclick.org/ 
How Stuff Works  This website has interesting (and sometimes random) facts about things. Some of the categories include: adventure, animals, and science. (Caution: It looks like some of the banner ads at the bottom can be unpredictable--and not always kid appropriate.)


Kids.gov  Lots of neat stuff like: the art of the stamp, national portrait gallery, careers, and history  www.kids.gov 
National Geographic  This website has interesting videos about wildlife. I would highly recommend previewing some of the videos (because animals can do unpredictable things that you may not want your kids to see).



This is a Nasa website geared for student learning. Great videos and material. You could find very specific resources for students here to supplement learning in class. 

Nasa website link 
NASA Kids Club Games  This is more geared toward games and has a cool feature called “Window to the World.” 

Nasa Kids Club Link

 This is a great, kid-friendly site to practice alphabet awareness and reading. Our students LOVE it.
PBS Kids Games  This is an educational online game site, including games like The Great Shapes Race and Migration Adventure. Games seem to be entertainment related with use of academic concepts.  http://pbskids.org/games 


NOTE: Do you have a website to recommend that your child loves? Please let me know so that I can share it on this webpage.

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