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Social Stories page

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Social stories are an excellent way to teach social skills. A social story is simple text that tells the child about a social skill. Social stories can be about any topic. It's based on the needs of the child and the needs of the family. Below are some examples of both powerpoints and books. If you have questions about writing social stories, please call me and we can chat about it.



* You definitely don't need to be a good writer to write social stories! Just go for it!!!

* Keep the sentences short and use pictures that help the child remember the story.

* Google "images" search is a great place to get images. You could also take pictures or use magazines for pictures.

* Each topic should be a pretty simple message. Write multiple stories if it's a complex topic.

*  I tend to make social stories in Microsoft's powerpoint program because it is easy to add images and kids like watching it on the computer and clicking "enter" to make the slides advance.

* You could make social stories in other formats like: a word document, a book, use a photo flip book (like you buy at the drug store), a collage, or any online program. Use the format that will be easiest for you and most appealing to your child.


Here's a helpful video of author Carol Gray describing social stories. Carol Gray What are Social Stories(TM) (from YouTube).3gp  Carol Gray's book is available from our Classroom Loaning Library.


Social Story Examples 

Notes: The powerpoints are all saved in a form where you can edit them. To watch the powerpoint, use the short cut F5 key or find "run show" in your options. Most of the stories cycle through twice. The first time is for you to read. The second time is for your child to retell the story when it says "You tell the story."

Main topic  Format  Description 
Hotels Powerpoint What to expect at a hotel (geared toward Disneyland) CLICK
Hotel Rules  Powerpoint  Rules to follow in a Disneyland hotel (be quiet, listen to parents, etc) CLICK 
Getting Lost Powerpoint  Stay close to your family at Disneyland--Don't get lost. CLICK
Buffets Powerpoint Rules and manners for eating at a buffet. CLICK
Being Ready  Powerpoint  Why it's important to be ready CLICK 


Other Resources for Writing Social Stories 

coming soon...

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